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Politicians are hot topics, but is it really true? Here are 10 of the most popular female politicians in the world.

Top 10 Most Hot Women Politicians

10. Toireasa Ferris

Toireasa Ferris
Toireasa Ferris: 10 Hottest Female Politicians

Nationality: Irish
Born 24 March 1980
Political party Sinn Fein
In Office: 20 August 2003

Our list of the most beautiful women politicians in the world begins with Toireasa Ferris, an Irish Sinn Fein politician. Since August 2003, she has been a Kerry County Councillor in Tralee.

9. Orly Levy

Orly Levy
Orly Levy: 10 Hottest Female Politicians

Nationality: Israeli
Born: 11 November 1973
Political party: Yisrael Beiteinu
In office: 2009 – Present

Orly Levy, an Israeli politician is ranked 9th on our list of the ten most popular female politicians. Levy is currently an independent member in the Knesset. She was the Knesset member for Likud Yisrael Beiteinu. Levy was a television host and model before she entered politics. Levy also served her national service in Israel’s Air Force.

8. Nikita Klaestrup

Nikita Klaestrup
Nikita Klaestrup: 10 Hottest Female Politicians

Nationality: Danish
Born: 8 November 1994
Political party: Young Conservatives, Conservative People’s Party, Liberal Alliance
In office: 2015-2015

Our 8th place ranking is occupied by Danish politician Nikita Kuestrup. Klaestrup currently belongs to the Liberal Alliance. She was a Young Conservatives member until the 2015 general elections. She is also an expert on politics. Klaestrup was also a fashion designer, and a reality TV star.

7. Elizabeth Halseth

Elizabeth Halseth
Elizabeth Halseth: 10 Hottest Female Politicians

Nationality: American
Born February 5, 1983
Political party Republican
In Office: 2010-2012

Who would have thought that women politicians could be so young, and so sexy? The former Republican politician from Nevada is now one of the most popular female politicians in the country. Elizabeth Halseth, a young woman from Nevada, is the first to be elected to the Nevada Legislature.

6. Angela Gerekou

Angela Gerekou
Angela Gerekou: 10 Hottest Female Politicians

Nationality: Greek
Born on 15 April 1959
Political party PASOK
In Office: 2009 – 2011.

Angela Gerekou, Corfu MP for PASOK and Deputy Culture and Sports Minister, is no. 6 on the list of most hot female politicians. She is a Grecian cougar and hails from Greece. Before moving into politics, she studied architecture in Rome.

5. Maria Carfagna

Maria Carfagna
Maria Carfagna: 10 Hottest Female Politicians

Nationality: Italian
Born: 18 December 1975
Political party: Forza Italia(2013-present), The People of Freedom (2009-2013), Forza Italia (2004-2009)
In office: 2008 – 2018

Carfagna was named the “most beautiful minister in all of Europe” and was number one on Maxim’s list of “World’s Hottest Women Politicians”. She is a former Italian television actress, and a model. She entered politics in 2004. She is currently the Forza Italia member. From May 8, 2008, to November 16, 2011, she was Minister for Equal Opportunity. She is currently the Vice President of Chamber of Deputies.

4. Alina Kabaeva

Alina Kabaeva
Alina Kabaeva: 10 Hottest Female Politicians

Born on 12 May 1983
Political party is United Russia Party
In Office: 2005 – Continue

Alina Kabaeva, the most popular Russian politician is Alina Kabaeva. She was a deputy to the State Duma from the United Russia party between 2007 and 2014. The Russian beauty was a highly successful rhythmic gymnast. She is also one the most decorated rhythmic gymnasts with two Olympic medals, 14 World Championship medals and 25 European Championship medals. She is also the chairwoman for the National Media Group’s board of directors since 2014.

3. Eva Kaili

Eva Kaili
Eva Kaili: 10 Hottest Female Politicians

Nationality: Greek
Born 26 October 1978
Political party PASOK
In Office: 2007 – 2014.

Eva Kaili, a former TV news presenter, was elected a member to the Hellenic Parliament. She was also the youngest member of Parliament at the time with PASOK. She was also the youngest candidate in the 2004 national elections.

Our second spot is occupied by Eva Kaili, the most beautiful woman parliamentarian. She was also elected to the European Parliament in 2014. She was also one of two PASOK MEPs who were on the Elia list. She is also a member of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, and of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean.

2. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem
Najat Vallaud-Belkacem: 10 Hottest Female Politicians

Nationality: French
Born on 4 October 1977
Political party : Socialist Party
In Office: 16 March 2008 – 10 Mai 2017

Najat, a French socialist politician, is the top-ranked female politician in the world. Najat, a Moroccan-born politician, was the youngest and first French education minister. She was also the Minister of Women’s Right and Minister of City Affairs and Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports.

Everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire in their lives, but only a few people can achieve this. Najat Vallaud Belkacem, a woman who overcame all obstacles and created her own destiny, is one of these people. Najat, a Moroccan shepherd girl, moved to France with her family. She faced the real world of challenges and opportunities. The Moroccan girl, who was not fluent in French, learned the language in her first year of college.

Najat was studying at the University of Amiens and had the opportunity to study higher education at the Paris Institute of Political Studies. This was the turning point in her career as a politician. In 2002, she joined the Socialist Party and began her political career. She ran for election in 2008 and was elected as a Councillor. She was elected Minister of Women’s Rights in 2012 and became the spokeswoman for government. Najat calls herself a non-practicing Muslim.

1. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic
Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic: 10 Hottest Female Politicians

Born on 29 April 1968
Political party : Croatian Democratic Union (1993-192015), Independent (2015-2018
In Office: 2003-2015, 2015-present

Kolinda Grabar -Kitarovic, the first female President of Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most popular female politicians around the globe. Grabar-Kitarovic is a darling of many, especially after she went to Russia to support the Croatian Football team at FIFA 2018. She also broke the internet with some photos of her in a bikini on a beach trip.

Grabar-Kitarovic, the current President of Croatia was named by Forbes as the 39th most powerful woman in the world. She is also the most beautiful and sexiest female politician at the moment. She is a charming, attractive, and very charming person. She is also one of the most beautiful women with dimples . She was 46 years old when she became the youngest candidate for the presidency.

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